Online sessions

How does it work online?

The pandemic widened our horizons in terms of home activities. Work, learning, and training got a dimension that is more intimate compared to the past. Streaming became something more common and allowed many new possibilities, including receiving sessions in a home environment.

The core of the bodywork I practice is body attention: sensing, feeling, and being aware of the body as a channel to be in the now, to experience reality, and be ourselves.

This is something that can be taught also without physical touch, by being involved with my attention with the clients in what is experienced and using verbal instructions to guide them in training the body attention.

The workflow is the same as in a face-to-face session: is chosen an aim with the client, and together we define what stands between them and the goal that wants to be pursued

The aim can be stopping a physical condition that bothers the client, any pattern that leads to limitations in life, or recovery from a strong illness or surgery.

What and how you will learn

Through my verbal guidance, you will bring your attention to the body, touch specific areas that lack sensitivity or need relaxation, and learn techniques to get in touch with the pattern you’re struggling with.

During the sessions you will:

  • transform the experience of pain and relax into fear
  • stop different types of effort (patterns) you hold in your body
  • increase your body attention, your vitality and your ability to concentrate
  • improve your quality of sleep and digestion, and overall attain a higher level of well-being
  • tap into sources of energy that you may have not been aware of having in your body.

By committing to your process and training in between the sessions you will:

  • learn to stop the pattern
  • relax into pain in order to allow your body to heal
  • enhance your level of energy and attention
  • transform fear into an ally in order to overcome obstacles
  • digest and allow emotions you were unconfident with

What is needed?

There are a few technical requirements for working online:

  • good internet connection
  • quiet room: silent, with no people passing by, no pets
  • yoga mat/carpet to lay on
  • streaming device (laptop/tablet)

I’m a proud member of the Grinberg Method Online Sessions (GMOS), which is an international organization of the Grinberg Method practitioners that extended their work online.

Check the website to learn more

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