About the Grinberg Method®

What is the Grinberg Method®?

The Grinberg Method arises from the assumption that person and body are not two split entities, but that the individual grows, experiences, learns and perceives through the body.

The body is, therefore, the starting and finishing point of this methodology: the client is known through the body, and through it, he is taught how to block physical mechanisms (physical patterns) that limit his life.

The teaching channel is the awareness of the body: feeling, living, learning through the body, getting rid at the same time of the judgmental voice that would only allow us to interpret (often according to our needs) what we are experiencing.

The tools used during the sessions consist of different forms of touch, breathing exercises, passive movement, and reconstruction of physical patterns, with a unique intention of helping the client to exercise and enhance attention to the body.

In order to obtain a picture of the customer that does not go through his perceived, but his experienced, foot reflexology is used. It allows to get a profile of the person and his imbalances, physical patterns, and why they are adopted.

I approached the Grinberg Method during research on body energy and I was immediately fascinated by it. The approach is concrete, structured, and tangible. Evaluated as a client, it was for me a simple and direct method to internalize, with concrete and tangible effects on my body and my mood. What emerges during the sessions is intimate and truthful, and is certainly learned with practice and dedication, but through feeling rather than processing.

The Grinberg Method was founded in the 1980s by Avi Grinberg.

Driven by a natural predisposition to come into contact with the pain of others, Avi began to take an interest in the study of human behavior and in parallel to practice massage techniques, bodywork, and somatic therapies. After noticing the tendency of his clients to return cyclically with the same problems, he deduced that to effectively treat people, they had to be personally involved in their healing and recovery process.

After years of practicing this new approach, and after some people asked him to teach this method, the Grinberg Method has been founded in the 1980s in Israel.

Today there are several hundred qualified independent operators of the Grinberg Method in Europe, Israel and North America; authorized trainers offer various group activities in Austria, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and America; professional studies are offered by authorized teachers of the Grinberg Method in Austria, England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland.

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