About me

Who is Valentino?

I have always had a curiosity about the link between people and the body: the way of walking, sitting, looking elsewhere, shrinking and expanding, the way of communicating through the body, or rather, the way the body communicates about the individual.

This interest led me to investigate the relationship we establish with the body: how it is forced into a communicative object by people and how this thing undeniably creates a distancing from it.

I deepened my knowledge of the correlation between body and person, experiencing how much staying in the mind and intellectualizing leads to a split from the body, depriving us of the possibility of sensing and feeling.

So my belief grew that there is no barrier between us and our body and what we emotionally deny ourselves to experience, inevitably passes through the body shaping it.

During my research, I found the Grinberg Method and its vision of the individual as a body. The power of the sessions, the accuracy of the sensations and emotions related to the practices received, the questions that arose after the meetings, and the answers that ensued, have increasingly convinced me that this was the tool I had been looking for: a medium to teach people to get to know themselves, to manage difficult situations in a conscious way, to identify and overcome blocks, to accept emotions through the awareness of the body and therefore an awareness of themselves.

I am a certified Grinberg Practitioner. I’ve studied with Avi Grinberg and Ruth Elkana, the founders of the Grinberg Method.

I worked in the past as an Industrial Designer for big multinationals, developing the idea that this was not my vocation.

I have to work with people, teach them how to improve their lives, discover the joy of knowing and being themselves, break the limiting patterns that they unconsciously fall into, and live a conscious life.

I have been practicing for several years and I teach Submission Grappling and Ginastica Natural, during which lessons I always try to introduce the theme of body awareness.

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